Product Name Description Price Image Category Condition
CHESS CLOCKS CHESS CLOCKS A wonderful double-headed invention that allows both players to be timed. A must for matches against other schools to stop time wasting! £35.00 Equipment new
CHESS DEMONSTRATION BOARD CHESS DEMONSTRATION BOARD A marvellous visual aid. Simply a giant slot in chess board with 3" squares that hangs on the wall in the classroom and enables you to demonstrate chess positions to a whole class of children. £35.00 Equipment new
CHESS PAIRING BOARD CHESS PAIRING BOARD NEW!!! Specially made for this event. Allows for up to 32 players to be paired against each other each week. Every board is supplied with a pack of 40 pairing cards. £35.00 Equipment new
CHESS SET, BOX & BOARD CHESS SET, BOX & BOARD Chess set has 3" plastic kings and boards are high quality roll up plastic with 1¾” green and white squares. This size of set and board has proved ideal for school chess clubs. Individual set plus box, plus board £12 each post free. £10.00 Equipment new
CHINESE CHESS SET Chinese chess is an exciting cousin to Western chess and is equally as ancient. More tactical in nature, it has a similar piece layout with rooks, knights, elephants, cannons, soldiers and generals. Sets of pieces plus paper board. £5.00 Equipment new
FLAT CHESS SET Similar in size to the HOOK-A-BOOK set, but here the set is a neat card box. The lid of the set is placed under the set during play, which uses space economically. 4-inch square board with space for captured men. £4.95 Equipment new
HOOK-A-BOOK-CHESS-SET This revolutionary design of chess set enables you to play chess games anywhere, anytime - in buses, trains, restaurants and in bed without ever needing a table to place the pieces on. The magnetic chess set, 4 inch x 4 inch square, hooks on neatly to the pages of your chess book or magazine. Thus one hand is free to move the pieces. The board is laminated and durable and there is ample space for captured pieces. A brilliant invention! £4.95 Equipment new
HOW TO PLAY CHINESE CHESS Short article by Mike Basman describes the rules of the great game, with tips on strategy and tactics. £0.50 Equipment new
MINICHESS SCORE BOOK Ideal for those cramped tournament conditions Fits neatly into the pocket. Space for 30 games of 52 moves. Covers in red, blue, green yellow or white. A best seller! 4 for £3.00 £1.00 Equipment new
POCKET/PLAYGROUND CHESS The best seller - and rightly so! A magnetic set that fits in your pocket, has space for captured pieces and has clearly distinguishable black and white pieces. Simple requirements but how many pocket sets actually fulfill them? You can tell it was designed by a chess player - for chess players. The board is 5 inch square and folds. £4.95 Equipment new
RIGID CARD CHINESE CHESS BOARD Suitable for the above set, a non-folding rigid board. £5.00 Equipment new
SPECIAL PAIRING BOARD OFFER: Buy two pairing boards for £70 and get one more free!! £70.00 Equipment new