Product Name Description Price Image Category Condition
100 DEATH-DEFYING CHESS POSITIONS 100 positions specially selected by Mike Basman to improve your tactical skills. An excellent sequel to TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. £4.50 Advanced new
ALEKHINE Alekhine, unfortunately, is not likely to return. But his masterpieces live on. Four great games in Turnover style from the worlds greatest attacking player. £2.80 for 4 books £2.80 Advanced new
BEGINNER'S BOOK OF FORKS Explains the fork with many test positions. £0.65 Beginners new
CENTRAL ATTACK A new opening for white. Features the line: 1) e4 e5 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) dx exdx First described in a book by Levy and Keene, now condensed and explained by Mike Basman. £1.85 Advanced new
Check each Check One of a set of 3 marvellous new booklets which teach the basis of chess thinking. Cost £1.95 plus 75p postage £1.95 Beginners new
CHESS OPENINGS The best book for novices on the opening. Besides describing 5 openings in detail, it also sets them in the context of the overall plan of the opening. Crowood £9.99 Intermediate new
CHESS PUZZLE BOOK Contains one-move (and longer) checkmates. £0.55 Beginners new
CHESS TRAPS FOR YOUR UNWARY OPPONENT Obligatory reading for all beginners, this contains six of the most common opening traps. £0.90 Beginners new
CHESS: From beginner to winner in two months The ultimate beginners book. Describes the rules, capturing, value, recapture, the safe threat, meeting threat, scholars and fools mate. Paperback £6.95 Beginners new
CHOOSE YOUR MOVE One of Chess and Bridge's most popular features, these games test the reader through multiple choice questions. Paperback £3.95 Intermediate new
CRASH COURSE IN THE OPENING An excellent introduction to some of the most commonly used openings by International Master Michael Basman £1.95 Beginners new
CRAZY CHESS GAMES David Pritchard Here you can move two pieces at once, win... by losing, win without making a move - all in this entertaining book of light hearted fantasy chess games. £0.95 General new
CROUCHING TIGER A survey of the 'Colle System'. The suppressed power of white's game is hidden beneath a pyramid of pawns... Paperback £1.95 Advanced new
Dancing with Kings In the endgame, away from the hustle and bustle, the kings perform their stately dance. The book shows how you can conduct this part of the game with grace and skill. £3.95 General new
ENGLISH OPENING One of the soundest first moves for White (P-QB4). Different aspects of the system are discussed in 6 Grandmaster games. £4.20 for 6 books £4.20 Advanced new
FIND THE MATE 50 positions and 258 mates in one. Suitable for beginners/intermediate and chess teachers. Paperback £2.95 Intermediate new
FIRST BOOK OF CHESS (Horowitz) Excellent beginners book. (Descriptive notation) Faber and Faber £3.99 Beginners new
Freddie in the Parallel Universe Further stories of Freddie and his adventures £0.70 Beginners new
HAVING FUN WITH CHESS PROBLEMS The amazing world of chess problems is examined here. Guaranteed to amuse and enthuse any chess player. £2.50 Intermediate new
HOW TO PLAY THE MIDDLE GAME LIKE A CHAMPION The long awaited sequel to HOW TO PLAY THE OPENING LIKE A MASTER. Four classic games are dissected to uncover rules you can put to good use in the middle game. £1.50 Intermediate new
HOW TO PLAY THE OPENING LIKE A MASTER Explains the rules of the opening that all strong players follow, with five test games. Paperback £1.20 Beginners new
LEARNING TO ANALYSE I & II These books introduce the reader to the art of analysis with a diagram on one page and the commentary opposite. In 'Turnover' format £1.70 for 2. £1.70 Advanced new
MANUAL FOR CHESS TEACHERS   Contains 20 chapters describing how a teacher can bring a class of beginners up to a strong standard of play. Subjects include: Rules Writing moves Safe moves Threats Quality of play Scholars mate Checkmating Basic mates Rules of the opening Knight and Bishop attack on F7 Running a chess tournament Can also be used for solo instruction. 60 pages £5.95 Teachers new
MATE IN ONE MOVE Getting out of check and basic mate. Foundation book. £2.25 Beginners new
MATE IN TWO MOVES Ideal for sharpening the mating skill of the novice. 10 sets of six positions plus a marking system to monitor progress. Paperback £1.50 Intermediate new
PUZZLE ME CHESS Mates in one and capture puzzles for beginners. £0.75 Beginners new
SECRETS OF CHESS Vital knowledge for chess players, strikingly explained with clear diagrams and red arrows. Scholars mate, the lawn mower, the swap, the lasso, and 'Deathtrap Castle' are some of the subjects amusingly discussed. Paperback £3.95 Beginners new
Sharpen Your Skills Concentration is developed with thsese graded checkmates. £1.95 General new
SICILIAN CLOSE The opening that brought Boris Spassky the World Championship in 1969, discussed in 6 top flight games. £4.20 for 6 books £4.20 Advanced new
SILENT ENCOUNTER: A chess movie shot in black and white. A novel way to teach an opening, giving a diagram for every single move played. The opening (Giuoco Piano) is very suitable for beginners and club players. Paperback £2.95 Intermediate new
Starting Chess A retired primary school teacher and chess player described how mini-games can be used to start new players off.Particularly useful for groups of young children. £1.95 Teachers new
TACTICS AND THE ANALYSIS OF INDIVIDUAL POSITIONS These four 'Turnover books' form the sequel to Learning to analyse and would be suitable for strong club players as well as ordinary club strength. Test positions with solutions opposite give the reader 'hands -on' experience. £3.90 for 4 books £4.50 Advanced new
TEACHING CHESS - THE EASY WAY TO LEARN A somewhat more simplified approach to the groundbreaking Manual for chess teachers. This book deals essentially with getting across the basic rules to classes of beginners. It features several miniature games, where pupils are able to play with only pawns, or queens etc. in order to grasp the different types of movement. £3.95 Teachers new
The Adventures of Freddie the Pawn A favourite in the school dramatics class, Freddie's adventures will make you laugh, scream and cry! £1.00 Beginners new
THE CREEPY CRAWLY OPENING This tentacular opening with the soft centre engulfs the opponent from the edges. The introduction shows how opening principles are subtly rearranged. 12 illustrative games follow. Paperback £2.95 Intermediate new
THE ELEPHANT GAMBIT A novel opening that upends your opponent right from the word go. 1. e4, e5 2. Nf3, d5! You can play the 'Red Rag', the 'Wild Elephant' and several other exciting lines. Paperback £0.75 Intermediate new
The Enchanted Forest A magical reproduction of the 1980's book by James Rayner, which tells you how to compose and solve chess problems. Though neglected by countless chess players, these problems are actually the secret of sound chess! £4.95 General new
The Problem Known as "The B'stard" An unusual book, which describes a challenging puzzle, which is both amazing, annoying and challenging at the same time. Purchase at your peril! £0.55 General new
THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN Or checkmate as it happens. In an original book, the student is given three attempts to crack the two-move chess puzzle, each time receiving extra help to unravel the problem. Paperback £3.75 Intermediate new
TICKS AND TRIANGLES: The way to blunder free chess. Furious with yourself for that stupid blunder that threw away a winning position? With Mike Basman's patent method, you can play with confidence again. Paperback £1.50 Beginners new
Tough Cookie ... Third in a new series of booklets designed to teach the basis of chess thinking. Price £1.95 plus 75p. postage = £2.70 £1.95 Beginners new
Turnover Books FISCHER Bobby Fischer disappeared in Iceland but his games will also be centre stage for chess lovers. Four fantastic encounters "blow by blow". £2.80 for 4 books £2.80 Advanced new
TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE A land mark in chess exposition, these 14 sections and 114 puzzles, assembled by chess teachers Wade, Bott and Morrison, give the new player an excellent grounding in tactical motifs. Paperback £3.95 Intermediate new
VICTORY CHESS TESTS Booklet containing all the questions, answers and scoresheets for the beginner, intermediate and advanced tests. Excellent for training purposes £3.95 Intermediate new
Visualisation - or Don't touch the Pieces. Visualisation is the foundation of a chess players strength. It not only involves the ability to see the future on the chess board, but also to analyse accurately in the head. £1.95 Intermediate new
WHICH WAY ARE THE PAWNS GOING? Alekhine was the icon of attracting play. Four great games in "turnover format" £0.75 Advanced new
YOU THE MASTER 32 games taken from Chernev's logical chess, laid out in 'test yourself' fashion. £2.50 Advanced new
YOU THE MASTER: Alekhine 1907-1924 Alekhine's games laid out in a 'test yourself' fashion for the improving player to work on. £2.50 Advanced new