Audio Chess was set-up in 1976 by Mike Basman ( and over the next 10 years around 100 cassette tapes were produced.

However technology gradually moved on, cassettes became redundant, videos, cd, computers arrived and Mike was unwilling to devote himself to a souless computerised future.

Through his chess teaching in schools he returned to the writing and production of books often very short ones, whose cheapness, durability and accessability seemed more in tune with the human environment.

Many of his ideas, particularly for the instruction of beginners, are revolutionary and groundbreaking and the chess world has yet to catch up with them.

Vital works in his series are "Beginner to Winner in 2 Months"; "Find the Mate"; "How to play the opening like a Master";"UFO's or Play like an Alien"; "Choose your Move";  "Enchanted Forest"; "Three steps to Heaven" and "Tough Cookie".

His revolutionary openings, which first appeared in chess cassettes, are also dealt with in the published books. The small book "Creepy Crawly Opening" gives an insight into the concept of rule 0, as does the publication "The St. George in Action".

There is a treasure trove of valuable materials to be found on this site, mainly in book form.

From these, novices and amateur players can lay the foundations of sound chess play. Eventually, the books "Killer Grob" and "The New St. George" may be brought back into print, and the cassettes of the seventies and eighties may be released in a modern format. For the time being this is what we have.

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